2013-08-03 Rock Speciál, TV MASTER

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Size: 506 MB
Format: TS
Type: Documentary
Lenght: 00:23:27
Resolution: 1024:576
Recording Process: EVOLVE Andromeda > Channel 31 (TV Pohoda) > TS 
Taper(s): Crash master
Note: Recorded from Czech channel TV Pohoda. This edition of "Rock Speciál" was about System of a Down. Starting from the most basic information about the band, the broadcast ended with an invititation for SOAD's show in Prague. 
01) Intro Rock Speciál Studio 
02) Aerials (Music Video) 
03) Rock Speciál Studio 
04) Toxicity (Music Video) 
05) Rock Speciál Studio 
06) Question! (Music Video) 
07) Rock Speciál Studio 
08) Lonely Day (Music Video) 
09) Rock Speciál Studio