2012-10-24 Palác Lucerna Velký Sál, Prague, Czech Republic

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Venue: Palác Lucerna Velký Sál, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 2012-10-24
Size: 15,9 GB
Camera: Right (Handcam)
Format: MTS
Video: 1920x1080 [50p], Sony HDR-TD20VE 3D
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, Sony HDR-TD20VE 3D 
Lenght: 01:25:21
Taper(s): NomadSPG
Note: Amazing show, MASTER FILE !!!
01) Figure It Out
02) Cornucopia
03) Feed Us
04) Sky Is Over
05) Baby (with Wings of Summer intro)
06) Butterfly
07) Harakiri
08) Elect the dead (with extended intro)
09) Occupied Tears
10) The Unthinking Majority
11) Honking Antelope
12) Ching Chime (with Andrew Kzirian VIZA)
13) Lie Lie Lie
14) Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
15) Saving Us
16) Beethoven's Cunt
17) Empty Walls
18) Left Of Center
19) Aerials (System Of A Down song)