2001-07-29 Yuzawa, Japan - Naeba Ski Resort

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Venue: Yuzawa, Japan - Naeba Ski Resort (Green Stage) Fuji Rock Festival
Date: 2001-07-29
Size: 1,55 GB
Camera: Proshot
Format: VOB (16:9 Letterboxed)
Lenght: 00:54:43
- Performing at the 2001 'Fuji Rock Festival
- Daron sings part of "Drugs" in Japanese (or added completely different vocals?)
- First known performances for "Jet Pilot", "Needles", "Chop Suey!", "Aerials", and "Science"
- Serj does not play guitar on "Aerials" 
- Daron plays a few notes of the Scorpions song "Coming Home" before "Science"
- "Suite-Pee" features an extended guitar intro. 
- During the end of "Sugar", Daron drops his guitar and attempts to jump into the crowd.
01) Drugs 
02) War?
03) Jet Pilot [First Time Live]
04) Prison Song 
05) Know
06) Needles [First Time Live]
07) Suggestions 
08) Psycho 
09) Chop Suey! [First Time Live]
10) Bounce
11) Soil 
12) Aerials [First Time Live]
13) Science [First Time Live]
14) Toxicity 
15) Suite-Pee 
16) Sugar